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Our clients’ needs are our top priority. We treat our team members like family. Quality & customer service drive all of our decisions. If it’s not right for our clients, it’s not right for us.

Gas Fireplaces

Ballard Natural Gas Service installs and maintains gas fireplaces. Gas fireplaces are an energy efficient, cozy addition to your Seattle home. If you are looking to install a new one, or maintain your existing one, we are the company for you.

Are you having trouble with your fireplace? Maybe it won’t light, or stay lit.

Gas fireplace repairs and maintenance are potentially dangerous if you are unqualified to handle it. A gas fireplace has a gas line, pilot light, thermocouple and thermopile. When dealing with gas lines it is best to have a trained professional do the work to avoid any unnecessary danger. We recommend calling us for any problems you might be having.


Gas fireplaces are now designed to visually simulate a real-wood-burning fireplace so that many people can’t even tell the difference. They have the glowing red embers and orange flames that normally accompany a wood fire. There may not be the nostalgic pop and snap of a real fire, but what you lack in ambience, you gain in extremely clean, versatile warmth and cost-effective convenience. There are also a wide variety of fireplace designs and installation options available. You can choose the design that best matches your home, and you have an option to install a fireplace in more rooms than ever before.



Inserts are a log-and-burner set that sits inside a metal box that, in turn, sits inside another metal box which is inserted into an existing fireplace. The insert warms the room air that’s in the gap between the two boxes. It then radiates this warmed air from the firebox.


Built-ins are similar to the insert in that they have a box-within-a-box construction, but built-ins don’t need an existing fireplace or chimney. They can be installed most anywhere. With vented units, they cycle the air and exhaust through an exterior wall opening. Vent-free units cycle the air and exhaust into the room.

Log Sets

Log sets are the least expensive option and are usually designed more for looks than warmth. Ceramic logs are intentionally stacked in your existing firebox with a gas burner. Installation only consists of drilling access holes for the electrical or gas lines.


While gas fireplaces don’t produce odors or smoke, their flames do create pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen, and sulfur oxides. Vented fireplaces send these pollutants outside, while vent-free fireplaces blow them into your home. When considering whether to install a vented or vent-free set, like so many things, each option has its advantages and drawbacks. Vented systems are less efficient overall than their vent-free counterparts, but vented systems are the safest in venting. Vent-free systems are almost 99 percent efficient and can be installed anywhere, even on a wall like a television

“On installation day, the Ballard Natural Gas team arrived promptly at 8 a.m. and got to work. By the end of the next business day, the installation was complete and the installation looked AMAZING. The units work great and we’ve received numerous compliments as to the high quality and cleanliness of the installation.

Thanks so much, Neil, and the BNG installation team for doing a high quality, efficient installation of our new Mitsubishi FH Ductless System – we love it!”

– Alex S.

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